Welcome to the Society of Bereavement Practitioners


We are an independent membership organisation founded in London in 2005 with the central aim of recognising professional and personal commitment and achievement in any area of bereavement care and support.


We fulfil this aim through the diversity of our membership, and in the recipients of the Society's Award of Merit, which recognises oustanding bereavement care and support.


Our membership is drawn from a wide range of professions. Some are directly involved in bereavement care, and other less obviously so. Current members include funeral directors, nurses, carers, council staff, educators, counsellors, clergy and celebrants.


Membership is open to anyone who:

  1. supports the aims of the Society.
  2. can provide evidence of professional training or experience.
  3. can demonstrate a commitment to delivering high-quality bereavement care.

Members of the Society are entitled to use the post-nominal letters appropriate to their membership category:


Member MSBP

Accredited Member MSBP(Acc)

Fellow FSBP

Click the above links for full details of each membership category and annual subscription information. There is also a straightforward online application form.


Wherever you are in your career we look forward to welcoming you as a member of The Society of Bereavement Practitioners.